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in connection with the plot. one of them a u.s. citizen. let's go "out front". >>> senior administration official tells me this was international murder for hire. here's what we have been told. two men charged in an alleged plot to assassinate the saudi arabiian ambassador to the united states. both are iranian. one is also a naturalized u.s. citizen, who's in custody and identified as 56-year-old manssor arbabsiar. manssor arbabsiar appeared in a federal courthouse in downtown manhattan this afternoon. he did not enter a plea. according to the complaint that we read, manssor arbabsiar planned for someone to kill the saudi arabian ambassador at one of his favorite restaurants in washington, d.c. he told an informant that mass casualties didn't matter saying "if the hundred go with him, exbest metive them." . the plot is a work of intrigue. manssor arbabsiar met with a dea member posing as a member of one of mexico's biggest violent drug cartels. it got them to agree to assassinate the ambassador for $1.5 million. he planned to pursue an attack on the israeli embassy in washington. with h
. congresswoman, thank you for the time for being with us. >> erin, it's wonderful to be with you. thank you. >> let me start with vice president biden this morning on abc. he was talking about the terror plot, he said it was an outrageous act and the iranians will have to be held accountable. that's the quote. if you were president, would military action be on the table? >> if i was president, i wouldn't have taken my eye off the number one issue in the middle east, which is iran obtaining nuclear weapons. the problem with the obama administration is they have put significant daylight between israel and the united states from day one of the obama presidency. the president unfortunately sent signals of weakness and focused on israel building apartments on their own land as opposed to iran obtaining a nuclear weapon. that's been the problem. when you have a nation that's a hostile nation, seeing the united states from a point of weakness, that can lead to actions that are absolutely heinous like we're seeing today. >> does it seem like there's a lot of confusion or uncertainty how high this g
about the chemical weapons he wanted to use on america, the country he was born in and the country that educated him and early this morning the country that hunted him down. around 3:00 a.m. eastern time, the u.s. launches a joint operation with the yemenis, a car believed to be carrying al awlaki is targeted. a u.s. drone fires its missile and one of america's top terror targets is dead. >> the death of awlaki is a major blow to al qaeda's most active operational affiliate. >> anwar al awlaki was a long way from the home when the missile found him in yemen. born in new mexico and educated in the u.s., he radicalized and became a leader in al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. implicated in many plots to kill americans, he was a top terror recruiter, awlaki's presence was felt in the ft. hood massacre. the alleged shooter, major nidal hasan is believed to have exchanged e-mails with awlaki before the rampage that left 13 people dead. awlaki is also linked to other terror plots, including the would-be underwear bomber's alleged plan to bring down a u.s. airliner two years ago, the plot
's all from us tonight. remember, our new time slot beginning next week, 6:00 p.m. eastern, monday through friday. "anderson cooper 360" srts right now. >>> candy, thanks very much. good evening, everyone, we start with breaking news tonight. a new fbi bulletin warning about possible retaliation for the killing of anwar al awlaki. one of america's most wanted terror leaders. we now have a name for it, operation troy. weeks of surveillance, marine harrier jets flying. waiting for possible ground operations. also tonight, breaking details, exclusive to 360 on what this would be killer was capable of. also we're learning how saudi arabia figured into his takedown. our own fran towsend has details on that. what her sources are saying about the chemical weapons he wanted to use on america, the country he was born in, the country that educated him, and early this morning, the country that hunted him down. around 3:00 a.m. eastern time, the u.s. launches a joint operation with the yemenis, a car believed to be carrying al awlaki is targeted. a u.s. drone fires a missile. and one of americ
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is using all of your letters. 62 minimum, not counting the premium of squares may be good for the scrabble club i'm thinking about starting. that's it for the ridiculist. >>> tonight, the final moments of a desperate dictator. what really happened? let's go "out front." -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >>> "outfront" tonight, gadhafi is dead. libyan dictator moammar gadhafi killed today after 42 years of rule. we have video in tonight from misrata that shows the body of moammar gadhafi. the video is graphic. it is disturbing and it is not appropriate for all viewers. in the video which we are going to show you now, several fighters are seen surrounding the corpse shouting slogans. they're shouting allah akbar, god is great. others saying the blood of martyrs are not in vain. he has wounds on his face including one on his forehead. gadhafi was reportedly killed by a bullet to his head near the hometown of sirte. we'll show you another video taken as he was dying or after he died. this is also gruesome. >> the transitional council released this information. he was captured wearing an un
the problem. it is so fixable. european leaders have to follow-through this a debt solution. and here in the u.s., if we stop acting like ds and rs and fighting against each other and start working for the country, it would be better. it's really all about confidence. it's that simple. the economy boils down to it. it will be better than today and the american system works. that will help hiring and hiring means more taxes. there is an amazing statistic we pulled for you. 40% of the deficit will go away. that is because of increasing tax receipts. economic growth, 40% of our deficit, poof. we begin with an on the ground view of when hiring will start. we call it the strike team and told you about it last week. we will tell you about it again. it's a group of 20 ceos, investors and entrepreneur s s who report what they see on the ground to us. i pick them because they want to see the economy grow. john chambers is the ceo of dow cisco systems. let's start with the big question out there. it feels like a recession to most of america. the big question is whether we go into a formal double dip. of o
of america's role in bringing in the end game. dan rivers is in tripoli, joining us, fran townsend, bob bear. here's what we know about the dictator's demise. we now know why pro-gadhafi forces fought so hard to keep control of gadhafi's home town of sirte. he might have been hiding there since the capital of tripoli fell two months ago. revolutionary fighters closed in on sirte this morning, reportedly unaware that the colonel was there. gadhafi boarded a convoy and attempted to flee. his convoy was disabled as it sped out of sirte. nato officials say they were unaware that they were firing on the former leader. gadhafi and a handful of bodyguards survived and took refuge in this drainage pipe underneath the road. they were surrounded by revolutionary fighters and they wrote the place of the rat on the outside. someone said, my master is here, he was reportedly to see gadhafi. he told the bbc the colonel simply looked up at him and said, don't shoot. this cell phone video taken shortly before his death shows gadhafi injured, but captured alive by fighters who screamed god is great. he was w
>>> well, do suicide vests in america sound scary to you? they sure do to us. we're on the front lines with an exclusive interview with defense secretary and former cia chief leon panetta. then we went to the wall street protest this afternoon. we saw dancing and mac book. seriously. and the bottom line, he's a republican messiah, but can chris christie make the numbers work for a run? that's "outfront." hello, everyone, i'm erin burnett. first night out of the gate. great to be here. i went to wall street today to see those protests for myself. i saw dancing. bongo drums. even a clown. it was sort of a tent city meets woodstock kind of feel. and i asked several protesters what it was that they wanted. now, they did not know. we have more on that later. but they did know what they don't want. >> capitalism doesn't work. >> you're angry at wall street? washington, too, or just wall street? >> definitely washington. the politicians who are corrupted by a lot of the corporate money from wall street. >> so what do you want, protesters? it seems like people want a messiah leader. just
the petition is 22-year-old molly catchpole. she out front tonight. she is in washington and came to talk us to. we really appreciate you coming in. >> i appreciate it. >> so you and i were talking before. you said you set up this petition just a week ago. >> one week ago. >> and what made you decide to do it? what made you say i've had enough? >> well, i'm 22 years old. i'm working two part time jobs and i don't have an extra $60 a year to give to bank of america. and i knew that thousands of other americans would feel the same way. >> and so basically they were trying to get you to $5 a month. >> yep. >> and you're someone who you're saying you work two part time jobs out of college. you don't have a huge bank account. >> no. no. >> so -- but did you something, molly that, a lot of people don't do and that is break up with their bank. i don't know anyone that really loves their bank. but you actually -- tell me how you did it? >> yesterday i took all of the signatures -- yesterday i was at 195,000. so we took all of them from change.org. we brought them over to the bank that i usually go to d
to that and you heard the president then announce that all u.s. troops would be coming home. some critics are raising security concerns with all u.s. troops leaving iraq by year's end, and the president emphasized that he has kept a campaign promise. this was a man who ran vowing to end the war in iraq in his remarks and he also refocused america's efforts on taking out terrorists, especially al qaeda. he is underscoring that he has kept his promises to the american people, a surprisingly political message from the president along with this announcement today, erin. >> jessica, thank you very much. obviously, the campaign trail, perry, romney, cain, our political roundtable will weigh in on scathing criticism there. we'll go to the pentagon and chris, to hear what secretary leon panetta has had to say tonight. >> reporter: erin, he's traveling in asia right now, but spoke to reporters onboard the plane and he said now the pentagon has to turn its attention to establishing a long-term strategic partnership with iraq and even suggested that after all of the troops leave at the end of the y
thank you. that's it for us tonight. "ac 360" starts right now. tonight, breaking news. a leading conservative powerbroker or mega church pastor calling mitt romney's religion a cult and says that obama embraces difficult positions and when robert jeffreys talks, his congregation of 10,000 and conservative christian voters listen and respond in the voting booth. when he spoke today at a gathering in washington, he made both major news and major waves in the 2012 presidential race. he joins us momentarily. here's a sample of what he said to jim acosta after he introduced perry on stage. >> southern baptist convention which is the largest protestant denomination in the world officially labelled mormonnisms is a cult. i think romney is a good world man. i think those of us that are born again followers of christ should always prefer a competent christian to a competent -- to a competent nonchristian like mitt romney. that's why i'm enthusiastic about rick perry. >> what do you say that mormonnism shouldn't be an issue in this campaign? he's just as american as everybody else. >> i ag
six week. >> maybe he has more details to give us in the weeks ahead. given the slip in the polls an the questions of whether he can handle himself in a debate, is that good enough? >> no. it didn't seem like it here tonight. obviously his campaign decided we are going to simplify things and give him one idea, energy equals jobs an let him be quiet and get through that way. the last debate, the excuse was made, he was standing up all debate long and this should have been his debate, he was sitting down. next time he will have to get a mattress. there was no energy, no fire and too simple. >> instead of seeming like an aggressor, perry sort of almost seemed like a bystander here. he really couldn't afford to do that. he just put out a brutal web ad against mitt romney, which attacked him on being a flip-flopper and on his massachusetts health care. and then tonight, instead of building on that aggressively, he just kind of seemed to be a little more passive or a lot more passive than i thought he needed to be. >> so dana, if that's the case. >> gloria -- >> i wanted to raise a poin
generations to come. for those of us lucky enough to get to work with him, it's been an insanely great honor. i will miss steve immensely." the tributes are pouring in on twitter as well. so many that the service has been jammed on and off throughout the evening. throughout the hour tonight we'll be talking to a lot of people who can fill in the picture of what steve jobs would likely have called an insanely great life. but we begin tonight with the one person who was there at the very beginning, steve jobs's partner in the creation of the apple computer, steve wozniak. he joins us now by phone. steve, my condolences to you. obviously, you have lost an old friend. what went through your mind tonight when you heard the news? >> hi, anderson. thanks for your feelings. i'm a little bit like awestruck, like just dumfounded. and i can't put my mind into gear. i can't do things. it's kind of like, you know, when john lennon died or jfk. i don't think hardly anybody else -- maybe martin luther king. it's sort of like, oh, you're just -- like there's a big hole left in you. and it's very hard to, yo
. >> i hope we can do it again that is all for us tonight. "ac 360" starts right now. we begin tonight keeping them honest. what president obama did not say when he made his surprise announcement that nearly all-american troops will be home from iraq by year's end. it's a fact that raises questions whether the administration intended the american presence in iraq to end this way or whether the stunning statement by the president was plan a or plan b. >> after nearly nine years, america's war in iraq will be over. over the next two months, our troops in iraq, tens of thousands of them, will pack up their gear and board convoys for the journey home. >> up on the white house website, the headline reads, "president obama has ended the war in iraq." the white house take on this is simple. president obama promis to end u.s. troop involvement in iraq and today fulfilled that promise. in one sense, it's absolutely true. here's what he said when he launched his campaign nearly four years ago. >> america, it is time to start bringing our troops home. it's time -- it's time to admit that no amoun
" and the daily beast. great to have both of you with us. gloria, since you're out in vegas, why don't you give us the sense, what was the response to ron paul's plan today, which, of course, in addition to the trillion-dollar budget cut in year one also included getting rid of several federal agencies. >> reporter: i think republicans are very interested in hearing what ron paul has to say. he's been a -- someone who's been on the scene for quite some time. but when you scratch the surface, erin, you see that he wants to eliminate five cabinet departments. he wants to cut spending back to 2006 levels. but when you look at that, that would mean severe cuts in things like medicaid, children's health insurance programs, and, again, once you look at the details, people are going to start raising questions about it. one other thing, he doesn't touch social security or, guess what, medicare. and those, even to this libertarian, seem to be sort of sacred cows, wouldn't you say, in an election year? >> that's an interesting point. john, what do you think about what gloria's saying, though? you come up wi
increase housing prices? well the chief economist of real estate website zillow website told us, even if the plan is fully implemented and everything is perfect, prices of homes may not rise. that was not the answer we were hoping for. two, will it work overall? ken rosen is an economist who helped write the original housing plan and told us he is very skeptical it will be implemented successfully, because it only backs mortgages handled by fannie mae and freddie mac. we don't have enough people to handle this many refis because unemployment has plunged 55% since the crisis. the bottom line is this though. even though there are questions about the plan we have a very big hole to dig out of on housing which at its peak was about 20% of the entire american economy. meantime we have more self-inflicted wounds like a congress that can't promise to make a deal to avoid more downgrades of america's debt which will cause interest rates for all americans to rise. will cane is a contributor here at cnn, contributor to theblaze.com. bill rady is former ceo and chairman of mtv international and
from tonight. just ahead, more breaking news. new details on the terror plot uncovered here on u.s. soil as with ties to, get this, iran. a murder for hire scheme to kill saudi arabia's ambassador to the united states. also for the first time, jurors hear dr. conrad murray's full story of what he says happened the day michael jackson died. [ male announcer ] theraflu, mucinex, lysol disinfectant spray and...a toy drum. hiya folks, so the other day i tried to buy some camouflage pants but i couldn't find any. [ rimshot ] thank you, thank you i'll be here all week. in fact, i'll be here for the next 18 years. [ rimshot ] is this really necessary? come on ma, laughter is the best medicine! i'm just glad i stocked up on the real stuff. tough crowd. [ male announcer ] get low prices every day on everything to prepare for cold and flu season. we're so confident in our low prices, we back 'em with our ad match guarantee. save money. live better. walmart. we back 'em with our ad match guarantee. for fastidious librarian emily skinner, each day was fueled by thorough preparation for events
that and police wouldn't say. >> ed lavandera, thank you very much. ed covering that story for us here. >>> all right. john king is in for anderson cooper tonight. it's going to be a great show. and "ac 360" starts in one second. >>> thanks, erin. we didn't keeping them honest in egypt where dozens are dead, hundreds injured after a weekend of bloodshed. the worst violence in egypt since the uprising that toppled president hosni mubarak. all the talk of a peaceful transition just talk. this is the reality in the new egypt. too similar to the old. military tanks running over people there sunday night. clashes between the army and pro-coptic christian protesters turned deadly. 25 people killed, nearly 300 others wounded. coptic christians are an ancient sect that make up 9% of egypt's population. they've faced a lot of violence in the recent months but unclear how the violence started sunday night or who is to blame. the violence erupted when a group of coptic christians and supporters of their cause were marching toward the egypt state-run television building. military trucks were set on fire. s
? and the bottom line. will all the fees from banks for credit cards and atm use go away? america's treasury secretary tim geithner is our exclusive guest. we're "out front." >>> u.s. stocks are losing $4 trillion in value since the highs in spring, 401(k)s crushed and housing prices below their highs. unemployment, sky high. ben bernanke says that america is the best place to prosper in all the world. everywhere i travel overseas, i hear about america being a leader in freedom from young people and business people. i get pleas for america to rise again because they still admire american ingenuity and, yes, even after the financial crisis, they admire american financial power. today the ultimate image of american power, not an fa-18. no. it is this. the iphone 4s. it had its own press conference today to debut. we did the numbers. there are 128 million iphones in the world right now and there isn't a child anywhere i've met who doesn't want one. in china, actually, i think iphone is a synonym for america. and that's why every night we're counting up. we're going to count how many days since
on with us tonight. we know there's not a lot being done in washington right now, this big debate going on about the jobs bill but the campaign season seems to be the key issue for many there. just a few days, he referred to himself as the underdog. do you think he's still the underdog? >> it really does seem like president obama is the underdog right now. now, the conventional wisdom is an incumbent president has a lot of advantages. i'm sure that's true. i'm sure he recognizes as well with the economy the way that it is, that it's going to be a tough sledding ahead. fortunately, i think he is working very hard and he has a lot of time between now and next november, so i do believe that he's the underdog, but i also believe he's working hard at doing what america needs done and that he has time to make up the ground. >> mayor castro, you're a democrat in a red state. you work with republicans. you got to do it whether you want to do it and you do do it. i wonder if you were in washington right now, what is the one thing you would change to end the paralysis and the toxicity. >> you kno
's elected. it's a distractive issue. keeping them honest, if it's such a distractive issue to use governor perry's own words, then why bring it up? here's how he answered. >> i said it's a good issue to keep alive. donald has got to have some fun. >> it sounds like you really do have some doubt about it. >> i haven't seen his -- i haven't seen his grades. my grades ended up on the front page of the newspaper. so if we're going to show stuff, let's show stuff. but that's all a distraction. i mean, i get it. i'm really not worried about the president's birth certificate. it's fun to poke at him a little bit and say, hey, how about, let's see your grades and your birth certificate. >> so he says he's doing it to have a little fun but it doesn't really matter, but hey why not stir a little insinuation into the mix such as the president's grades. the suggestion in a nutshell weren't good enough for him to get into columbia law school or harvard where his classmates elected him head of the law review. we do know that he graduated from harvard with high honors in the top 10% of his class. late to
and the western debate on the 18th, right here on cnn from vegas. let us know what you think. follow us on facebook. i'm anderson cooper and i'll be tweeting tonight. >>> an airport that they want to build on an island in the middle of know where the company is paying for a fraction of it. guess who is paying for it? you are. tonight we're keeping them honest. >>> and later, the trial of conrad murray. the former jackson lawyer talks with us. first, let's check in with isha. >>> steve jobs left behind two families. the one that most people know about and the other that many people don't. tonight, we'll tell you about the daughter that was on early apple, the sister, a famous novelist that he only discovered later in life and the birth father that he discovered in later years. that and more when 360 continues. ♪ [ male announcer ] what is the future of fuel? the debate is over. ♪ lexus hybrid drive technology is designed to optimize any fuel source on the planet. even those we don't use yet. because when you pursue perfection, you don't just engineer a future-proof hybrid system. you
detainees using tasers on them. men who aren't showing any aggression, yet they are tasered, slapped. this is the new reality in egypt, too similar to the old. here at home, the white house says now is time for restraint on all sides so that egyptians can move forward together and forge a strong, united egypt. just last week defense secretary leon panetta visited egypt and said he had full confidence in its country and people. he had this message. >> it's extremely important for the stability of this region that egypt be able to develop a strong democracy for the future. and meet the aspirations of the egyptian people. >> what does this latest violence mean for the future of egypt in joining me from cairo are senior international correspondent ben wedeman and state department official anne-marie slaughter and fouad ajami, senior fellow at hoover institution. ben, the most violence in egypt since the revolution. take us back to last night's protests, exactly what happened. >> well, what we understand, john, from eyewitnesses was that this demonstration was approaching the tv building
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 151 (some duplicates have been removed)

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